Legs Matter

The Legs Matter website was another collaboration with Pink Marketing. Sarah’s funky designs for this new awareness campaign were easy to convert to a fully CMS-able WordPress solution.

Functionality includes a document library, a blog, a shop and a glossary of medical terms. Custom functionality was added to allow content editors to add buttons into content and also link any text to it’s glossary term, along with a handy tooltip.

This successful campaign has been running for a few years now and each year it runs the Legs Matter Week drive to increase awareness for leg conditions. This usually results in additional development to add more functionality to the site.

This year I added the Legs Matter Lounge events directory to highlight the large range of free events that took place over the week. I made sure that it took no time at all for site editor to easily add new event details. My code does all the hard work of organising and presenting them on the final pages.