We Are Neo

Neo Creative are an ethical Brighton-based design agency working for clients in the charity field, not-for-profits and social enterprises.

I have been working for them as a freelancer for over eight years. I collaborate with them for many of their small to medium-sized web projects – from design phase to implementation. I have been lucky enough be to chosen to build all of their own websites pushing the Neo brand. They have designed a great new look to their site and wanted to be able to use WordPress to update every aspect of it.

The first 1/3rd of my time was spent making all the HTML/CSS templates. There were quite a few of them and they had a number of different styles. They are all fully responsive and touch-device-friendly.

The final 2/3rds of the project was spent making sure every aspect of the site was editable via WordPress. This included allowing all staff members to update their profiles, add blog articles and case studies. Case study and blog article teasers across the site had to be automated yet fully overridable on a per-page basis. Background images can be changed, sectors can be added and even specific country landing pages can be created without the need for hard-coding or even instructions.

My favourite pages are the people page, for which I created a clever responsive solution that did not require repeated elements, and the blog page, which uses the Masonry jQuery plugin to do the heavy-shifting on it’s best-fit vertical positioning layout – which is also fully responsive.