Sure Chill

Adaptable HTML/CSS templates for sustainable energy company.

I have a close working relationship with Neo Creative who call on me to develop many of their small to medium sized websites. This job required some clean, SEO-friendly templates that they could use with their own Microsoft-based content management system.

I was very impressed when the team at Neo showed me their designs for the sustainable energy expert’s Sure Chill site. Although there’s a huge swathe of background colours the actual content felt uncluttered and easy to navigate.

It didn’t take long for me to create the required HTML and CSS templates that exactly matched the designs that were supplied. Background images were used carefully to display in all screen sizes and content heights yet be as small filesize as possible. The flexible table styling and form elements are particularly nice, being tricky elements to style.

The clean, SEO-optimised HTML templates have given their Google page rankings a large boost plus the time needed to edit their site has been greatly reduced. I’m really happy to see the site fully populated.