TalkFreely Apps

TalkFreely are an innovation and idea management company. I have been fortunate enough to work for them as a lead front-end developer – in a freelance capacity – over a period of four years.

Together, with the help of Lee from Visual Function, we have dramatically changed the look of the site and its apps and modules. I, along with their in-house developer Jon and with the guidance of ideas-man Stuart, have also radically overhauled the HTML/CSS/PHP engine of the TalkFreely application itself.

One job was to change the main website, moving from Drupal to WordPress and giving the site a much cleaner feel. Users who found Drupal hard to use have no problem updating the site and the popular blog is updated with much more regularity than before.

My main role has been to improve the idea management applications HTML and CSS for the purpose of reducing the time to market for any new apps or client customisations. All the apps are now fully responsive, built in HTML5 with CSS3 touches, and can be used easily in any web enabled device. I have had input on design changes and the organisation of its core and application code allowing cosmetic changes to be completed in a fraction of the time than previously.